Friday, December 12, 2008

Well, as much as I enjoy the half marathon and want a PR, I am 90% sure I am going to run a marathon on February 15th instead of the half! It's been 10 years since I've run a marathon. The time seems right. It's a local race, I know the course, there will be pacers, I can wear my ipod and my husband and son can come down and cheer me on.

Friday, November 7, 2008

new half's will be added to the list!

Just finished signing up for the last half marathon I'll do this winter season. I've got the Jacksonville Bank half on December 21, Clearwater halfathon on Jan. 18, Sarasota Half on February 15 and the Disney Princess half on March 8. I will try for that PR at the Jacksonville and Sarasota halfs. The Clearwater half has a few high bridges, what we floridians call hills, so that will be a training run. The Disney race will be packed, so I just plan on enjoying the course and having fun. :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The half marathon list so far

Blue Moon Half Marathon, Palm Harbor, FL, November 2, 2008
38 (age), 2:14:45 (time)

Sarasota Half Marathon March 2, 2008
37 (age) 2:06:51 (time), 9:36 (pace), Age group: 66 out of 185 runners.

San Francisco Half Marathon, July 29, 2007
36 (age), 2:16:35 (time), Place overall: 2526 out of 4924. Women: 1173 out of 2767. Age group 30-39: 412 out of 926

Sarasota Half Marathon March 4, 200
2:07:40 Age group: 35-39, 125 runners. Placed 60th

Naples Daily News Half Marathon January 2007
2:19:59( 13.25 miles)

Florida Gulf Beaches Holiday Halfathon, Madera Beach, FL, December 2006
36 (age), 2:21:08(time), 10:46(pace)

Florida Gulf Beaches Halfathon, Madera Beach, FL, December 2002
32 (age), 2:13:20 (Time) 10:11(pace)

Verizon Wireless Half Marathon, Tampa, FL, December 2, 2001
Time: ?? (need to find this)

Latin Half Marathon, Lakewood Ranch, FL, November 11, 2001
Time: ?? (need to find this)

Florida Gulf Beaches Marathon , Clearwater, FL, January 2001
30 (age), 4:24:20 Jennifer Feurtado Kevin Horan ( Kevin ran the first half, I ran the second.)

Max Bayne Half Marathon, January 2, 2000
29 (age), 2:05:59 (time)

Disney half marathon 1999 - PR
28 (age), 2:04:05(clock) 2:03:17 (chip time) 9:28(pace) 50 out of 363 in age group

Nokia Sugar Bowl Mardi Gras Half Marathon 1998
27(age) 2:08:18(time) 9:47(pace) 523(overall place)